Jasmin Wren

Vet Nurse - Reedy Creek Vet

Jasmin Wren, Vet Nurse - Reedy Creek Vet

Growing up on the far South Coast of New South Wales surrounded by animals I developed a love for animals very early on! After school I followed my passion for horses into a trainee position at a large equine veterinary hospital in Canberra. Spending three and a half years working at the equine hospital.

I joined the Reedy Creek Veterinary Surgery team in 2014 as one of the senior veterinary nurses.  I have an aptitude for puppy care and training this is why I love being a Puppy School instructor. My love of puppies transcends into the clinic with my special interest in neonatal and intensive care.

I spend my spare time on my other passions; health and fitness, and my many pets.

Jasmin is currently on maternity leave and we congratulate Jasmin and her fiancé on the arrival of their baby!!