Repeat Medications Request

Use this form to request repeat medications for your pet.

Please note: our veterinarians are governed by Queensland Health regulations when it comes to prescribing medications. We have to adhere to the legislation and keep a record of all medications dispensed. As a result, there are a few criteria we must fulfil:

  • Your pet must have been assessed by a veterinarian within 6 months.  If this is not the case, we may require an examination and assessment before further medication can be dispensed. There is a fee for this evaluation, however it is less than a standard consultation.
  • Some medications require more frequent assessments
  • Some medications require bloods tests at intervals
  • We can only prescribe a certain volume of medication at any one time
  • Our veterinarians have to assess each request, so please allow 2 business days for preparation

We will send you a text when your medication is ready.  If you would like to be contacted via another means, please indicate that in the notes section below. We may need to contact you if our veterinarians require more information.

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