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Isolation Tip: Don't Overwalk Your Dog

Posted by Reedy Creek Vet on 2 March 2020
Isolation Tip: Don't Overwalk Your Dog

With many of us now either working from home or having more free time than before, it's great to see so many people now enjoying the benefits of long, peaceful walks outside. For pet owners, this most likely means the little or big four-legged friends are coming along - this is great news.

While walks are undoubtedly great for dogs to keep them happy and healthy, the truth is you CAN overdo it - dogs can be over exercised, just the way humans can be.

Don't hesitate to ask the team at Reedy Creek Vet what would be the right amount of exercise for your pet based on their breed and age.

Quick tips for safely exercising your dog during isolation: 

  • Gradually increase the amount they're exercising: like humans, fitness is best gained over time!
  • Allow time for them to warm-up prior and cool-down afterwards.
  • Exercise should be fun and enjoyable as well as a happy kind of tiring, but if the dog is becoming exhausted it may be too much, too soon.
  • If the dog eats prior, allow 1 hour for digestion before exercise.
Author:Reedy Creek Vet