Reedy Creek Vet’s mission is to provide the highest quality care and attention to your pets. And we understand that financial constraints can affect the number of options available to owners. 

To ensure we can provide the best possible care to all pets, we offer several ways to our clients to pay.

Ways to pay at Reedy Creek Vet

You can pay after your appointment or treatment using EFTPOS, credit card, cash, or online with a bank transfer. 

We’ve also partnered with some financial support systems to make sure payments are manageable.

Payment Options | Reedy Creek Vet


Recently, we’ve partnered with GapOnly™ to help provide even more ways to manage payments. 

If your pet is insured with a GapOnly™ provider, payment can be made even simpler. Rather than paying and waiting for reimbursement, you’ll only need to pay the gap. 

Learn more about GapOnly™ and Reedy Creek Vet here or at