We strongly believe in setting up your new puppy with good foundations in behaviour and socialisation to ensure they live a long and well-adjusted life.  The first step to achieving this is puppy school.  

The social development of a puppy is very important between 8-16 weeks; this is at an age where they are likely not yet fully vaccinated, and this is where puppy school comes in handy.  

There are a couple of reasons why puppy school is the best place for your puppy to learn to socialise as opposed to the local dog park:

1. Puppies have not yet developed social skills, which may lead to a negative interaction with another dog, and this could have a lasting impact.

2. There are many diseases in circulation in the dog community that a puppy will be more at risk of being exposed to - especially in high traffic areas, such as dog parks.  

While puppy school does not negate all of these risks, it is run in a controlled, clean environment with other similar aged puppies.  It is a great place to get tips and hints on training, behaviour and husbandry. Puppy school classes at Reedy Creek Vet are run by a qualified dog trainer - Meg from GC Puppy Academy. For more information please contact her at gcpuppyacademy@gmail.com.