At Reedy Creek Veterinary Surgery, we offer a wide range of surgical services, from routine desexing procedures to advanced soft tissue and even orthopaedic surgeries. As we perform a higher-than-average surgical caseload, we have invested in the best equipment and people to ensure your pet has the best surgical experience possible.

Why choose Reedy Creek Veterinary Surgery?

Our facilities are new, modern and clean. We’re happy to show you around if you would like a tour.

  • Our state-of-the-art equipment includes complete digital monitoring equipment ensuring your pet’s anaesthetic is as safe as possible.
  • We have a team of fully qualified veterinary nurses dedicated to surgery and anaesthesia with a depth of experience managing various anaesthetics and procedures.
  • We have strict sterilisation protocols, and all sterile procedures are performed in a dedicated operating theatre under fully sterile conditions.

What to expect during your pet surgery

  • We will give you instructions on fasting and preparation of your pet before admission.
  • On admission, a vet or nurse will run through the procedure, expected costs and time frames.
  • The actual procedure time can be difficult to predict, but we will keep you updated throughout the day and endeavour to work within any time limitations you may have.
  • On discharge, we will run through the procedure, test results, post-op medications, and instructions.

FAQ'S About Pet Surgery

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