We have the equipment and skill to provide a wide range of orthopaedic surgeries at Reedy Creek Veterinary Surgery, including:

  •  Cruciate Ligament surgeries like TPLO and Extracapsular repairs

  •  Medial Patella Luxation Correction

  •  Bone fractures

  •  Femoral Head or Neck Ostectomy 

  •  Hip Luxation

  •  Limb Amputations

  • Tail Amputations

Thanks to our state-of-the-art digital radiography system (X-rays) and digital planning software, we can accurately diagnose and treat an array of orthopaedic conditions. 

In our sterile operating theatre, we routinely perform Tibial Plateau Levelling Osteotomies (TPLO's) for cruciate ligament tears, as well as bone plating for long bone fractures.

Why Choose Reedy Creek Veterinary Surgery?

We practise gold-standard pain relief protocols such as intravenous continuous rate infusions and ultrasound-guided nerve blocks to ensure your pet’s experience is as comfortable as possible.

We have a relationship with an adjacent 24hr emergency hospital meaning we can offer continued overnight care for your pet, ensuring pain control and recovery from anaesthetic are maintained, and they are constantly monitored until discharge the next day.

FAQs About Orthopaedic Pet Surgery

What aftercare is needed following an orthopaedic surgery?

Typically, your pet will need to be assisted with their mobility initially (carrying them or using slings or harnesses) for the first few days. Then, they will need to be confined to a small space like a crate, pen or small room, depending on the size of the dog. Most orthopaedic procedures take 6-8 weeks to heal, and your pet will need to be confined or controlled at all times to avoid complications.

Do orthopaedic implants like pins, plates and screws need to be removed?

Usually not, but occasionally in some situations like a young growing dog, or due to complications, we may need to remove any implants.

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