Our surgical team at Reedy Creek Veterinary Surgery is equipped to provide a multitude of soft tissue surgeries to ensure we can provide all the care your pet needs.

Apart from routine desexing procedures, we routinely perform the following soft tissue procedures:

  •  Gastro-intestinal surgery such as gastrotomy, enterotomy, enterectomy, anal gland removal and gastropexy

  •  Urogenital surgery such as cystotomy, urethrostomy, caesarean section and pyometra surgery

  •  Ocular surgery such as enucleation, entropion surgery, cherry eye correction, eyelid tumours and eyelid shortening

  •  Skin surgery such as tumour removals, skin flaps, aural haematomas and skin wounds

  •  Splenectomy

  •  Airway surgery for BOAS correction, such as stenotic nare alarplasty, soft palate staphylectomy and tonsillectomy


This means we can handle most of your pet’s surgical needs in our hospital rather than referring you to a specialist.