Dr Justin Ward

Veterinarian - Reedy Creek Vet

Justin Ward, Veterinarian at Reedy Creek Vet

I qualified as a vet in South Africa, leaving African shores in 2000 to register with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons in the UK. I worked throughout the UK before moving to Australia in 2005.  Prior to founding Reedy Creek Veterinary Surgery I worked in practices in Sydney and the Gold Coast, as well as starting a practice in Coomera.

Reedy Creek Veterinary Surgery opened its doors in May 2012. Since that time it has evolved tremendously, in size and staff, to be the clinic and wonderful team you know today. With ongoing corporatisation of the industry, I am focused on building a highly skilled, compassionate team, whilst maintaining a focus on the wellbeing of the pet, and building life-long relationships with clients.

Whilst I enjoy all aspects of general practice, my passion is surgery, and I have attained a membership in surgery through the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Scientists. With such a diverse and highly qualified veterinarian team, I spend most of my time focusing on soft tissue and orthopaedic surgery. I am particularly passionate about canine cruciate ligament disease and the surgical options for this. It is exciting that our clinic has the equipment and skills to offer top of the range surgeries, including TPLO surgeries.

My spare time is spent boating and fishing, otherwise I love exploring the coastline with my wife and two children. Whether it has skin, scales, feathers, or fur, I love all animals! Sharing my home with two cats; Sushi and Kevin, and a forever-young dog called Poppy.