Dr Ker-Ming Lua

Veterinarian - Reedy Creek Vet

Ker-Ming Lua, Veterinarian - Reedy Creek Vet

I grew up in Brisbane and completed my veterinary studies at the University of Queensland in 2015. After graduation I settled on the Gold Coast with my wife, a fellow veterinarian, and I have worked in large multi-vet practices ever since.

I joined Reedy Creek Vet Surgery in December 2018 and have settled into the team and quickly built up a clientele. I am particularly interested in Cardiology, Radiology and Soft Tissue Surgery.

The Lua household is also shared by a 'Neurotic Rosie' Tortoiseshell cat and 'Cuddly Minka' a Burmese cat.

In my spare time, I enjoy Cooking and Music.