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Keeping Your Cat Safe From the Flu

Posted by Reedy Creek Vet on 6 April 2020
Keeping Your Cat Safe From the Flu

Did you know that cats are at risk of the flu all year round? While humans prepare for our incoming flu season, it's important not to forget the feline friends who are at risk all the time. More so, it's important to know the signs and symptoms of cat flu and how to reduce their risk of infection.

What to look for:

Sneezing, nasal discharge, watery eyes and lethargy are the most common symptoms.

Can it be fatal?

Most cases are mild, however, kittens, elderly cats and immune compromised cats are most vulnerable to falling extremely ill.

Can it be prevented?

Yes - an annual vaccination provides the best protection for your cat - it's important to make sure this vaccination is kept up to date, especially if your cat is in contact with other cats regularly, or is allowed to go outside. You can also infect your cat if you're in contact with another cat who is infected and bring that infection home.

Book your feline friend in for an appointment today and ensure your cat has the best protection!

Author:Reedy Creek Vet